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More of Ted's Greatest Photos here!

Ted certainly has a thing about wheelies. Especially with tractors! (Some even speculate that the creators of the movie Cars were inspired by Ted's pictures for their wheelie-prone "cow-tractors"!)

On Ted's Latest Part 3 you can see the first of these, with Al on the tractor. Ted later applied the same principle to an old photo that we found of Dave Benson, Ted and Al's dad.

This was Ted, Bev & Family's Christmas card in 2004. Once again, simply amazing.
You're showing your age if you even know who Mitch Miller is. But the "Sing Along With Mitch" albums were very popular in the 50's and 60's. And of course, so was Mitch Miller's
famous goatee beard!

This is almost too inside of a joke to post on the website...but here goes. Ted used to work occasionally on the Purdue campus installing sound systems when I was in college and very frequently people would say to him..."Hey...aren't you Al Benson's brother?" So often in fact that he would just stop them before they even started and would say "That's right,
I'm Al Benson's brother."

So, he made me a T-shirt that said "That's right, I'm Ted Benson's brother". And here, he does the
same thing for Mitchell.

More of Ted's Greatest Photos Here!