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More of Ted's Greatest Photos here!
A couple of years ago I sent Ted a picture taken at the Attica Potawatomi Festival of Mitchell and his cousin Cameron sitting on a chopper motorcycle. All I said to him was that "I sensed a Peter Fonda - Jack Nicholson thing going on." Here's what Ted did with the picture! (Also, see the animation that he did with this photo here.)

Here's the original photo:

Here's what he did with it:


Ted Benson is a musician, acoustic engineer, and part-
time PhotoShop
enthusiast. He is
also Al's brother. He enjoys spending his spare time using PhotoShop to alter photos that his little brother Al innocently sends him by email.

Little Brother Al
hereby relinquishes
all legal and moral responsibility associated with said altered photos presented here.

Just kidding. Enjoy!


I also told Ted that we needed a better picture for Mitchell's sports column on the main page. I sent a picture taken at his daycare, and mentioned that with that jacket and his arms folded like that, he kind of looked like a sports broadcaster. Here's what Ted did with the picture.




Here's the original, taken by
the daycare photographers.




And here is the "Sports Corner with
Mitchell Benson" official photo!

(Actually, if you look at our home page,
you'll notice that Ted even updated
this photo with Mitchell's latest
school picture!)


In 2006 the Lafayette Columbian Park closed and removed one of our most beloved landmarks...the Turkpike ride. Al had driven on the Turnpike when he was a kid. We made sure to get to the park the summer before it was removed and take Mitchell for a ride on it too! The people running the ride had no idea that we would be popping wheelies out there, though.

Ted formed a new band a couple of years ago named "Twisted Gold". They are regulars at Joe's Grille 7 in Indianapolis. Check the TwistedGold MySpace page for details!

You can find all kinds of great new twisted photos by Ted on their website. Here's an example below.
Ted recreates the Sgt. Pepper album cover...featuring some of his favorite "characters".

There's No Stopping Him

For Christmas 2005, Ted decided to provide a ready-made Christmas card for us. He also decided to pick on me for complaining about having to mow so much. Other goodies below feature Mitchell playing guitar with Eric Clapton, playing keyboards with Aerosmith, and helping Daddy vacuum the house.



I guess for this picture, you have to understand that Ted and I have nearly all of the Smothers Brothers routines memorized.

Tommy Smothers always complained that the only pet he had when he was a kid was
a pet chicken.


When our sister Carolyn was in college, she had a Triumph Harold car. Yes, that was actually the real
name of the car. Her car looked
exactly like the one in this picture.

Ted figured it would be nice to give Carolyn one more chance to be back in "Harold". Only this time with Hanna riding in the back, of course.

More of Ted's Greatest
Photos Here!