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Our mother's name was Margaret J. Benson. She always insisted on signing anything legal that way. But nearly everyone knew her as Peggy. To Ted, Carolyn and I, she was and always will be "Mom".

She lived the first half of her life in or near Attica, Indiana, mostly on a farm near the small town of Independence. The second half she lived mostly in Frankfort, Indiana, except for about three years that she spent in Cary, North Carolina. She had been living in Plainfield, Indiana for just one year when she passed away on November 26, 2006. She was very proud of being "independent", and was still living in her own apartment until a month before her death.

Mom was sweet and gentle, and very humble. She never wanted to "trouble" anyone, as she would say. She loved the big band music of the '30's and '40's, especially Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman. She also loved the old classic films, and Jimmy Stewart was her favorite actor. Until a few years ago, she was always cooking, sewing and doing needlepoint. She also took great care of her big spoiled cat, the one and only Lucy.


Mom was also always a big fan of her kids and grandkids. For years she would go to see Ted's bands play, and would often be seen on the dance floor. When she was in North Carolina, she became the "official band Mom" of the band that I was in at the time. We often played outdoors at parties and events and she would bring her lawn chair and listen to every song. In the early days, when I was very young, we had an old pump organ, and she would pull out her sheet music and play through her favorite songs in the afternoon. She was always proud of the fact that we got our natural musical abilities from "her" side of the family.

The picture collages on the following pages were done by my brother Ted Benson. He scanned and enhanced over a hundred photos to construct these panels which were then shown at the visitation we held in Attica following Mom's death. The first pages feature photographs of Mom's parents, Ted and Katie Means, as well as other relatives. On the second page you'll find Mom's beautiful senior picture from Attica High School.

If you knew our mother, we hope that you will enjoy these photos and also hope that they will stir some great memories for you.