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A photographer recently snapped this photo of actor Mitchell Benson receiving a warning ticket from a policeman in the Brentwood Heights area of Los Angeles, California. Mitchell was in town for some promotional activities surrounding the release of the movie Easy Rider '07 later this summer.

The unidentified policeman later told reporters that Mitchell was very courteous and pleasant during the stop. The policeman also said that the infraction was very minor -- he didn't use his turn signal -- and that he "let him off with a warning because he is from Indiana, and as we all know, NOBODY from Indiana ever uses their turn signals."

The movie Easy Rider '07 was initially slated for an early summer release, but has been delayed as the producers contemplate whether or not to remove the scenes featuring Phil Spector, given the recent publicity surrounding his murder trial.

Photo alteration done by Ted Benson. For more of Ted's work, click here.