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Columbia Pictures announced this week that they will be releasing a sequel to the highly successful 1969 film "Easy Rider," which starred Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda, and Jack Nicholson. The new movie, titled "Easy Rider '07," stars two up-and-coming actors from Indiana, Mitchell Benson and Cameron Moore. The film tells the story of two young men, Wyatt (played by Benson) and Billy (Moore), who "went looking for the real Thomas the Tank Engine, but couldn't find it anywhere." Phil Spector is tentatively slated to reprise his role of "Connection" from the original movie, this time as a wealthy dealer of unlicensed Thomas merchandise.

The film is scheduled for a summer release nationwide. Look for "Easy Rider '07" in a theatre near you!


Watch the movie trailer!

Photo alteration and animation done by Ted Benson. For more of Ted's work, click here.