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The Family That Runs Together...

What better way for a family to spend a couple of beautiful Saturday mornings than to get out and run! Allen entered his very first 10K in Lafayette on May 31. Two weeks later Robin and Mitchell joined him in Flora, Indiana for the annual "Hog Jog". Robin ran the 2 Mile Walk, Allen ran the 10K, and Mitchell completed the 500 meter "Runt Jog"!

Mitchell brings water to Daddy after Allen
finished the Greater Lafayette 10K on May 31

Robin prepares for the 2 Mile Walk at the Flora
Hog Jog. She went ahead and ran most of it.

Allen finished the Flora Hog Jog 10K in 49:43,
beating his previous time by 2.5 minutes

Mitchell looks pretty focused just before
the start of the 500 meter Runt Jog

A Visit From Massachusetts

In April we had the pleasure of a visit from two of our very good friends from Massachusetts! Nancy Saal and her son Adlai from Worcester came to spend some time in the heartland. Robin and Mitchell took them to the Fair Oaks Dairy Farm. They also visited the Children's Museum in Indianapolis, and spent some time on the farm at the Pearson's in Independence. One thing for sure - they have discovered that things move slower in Indiana!

Nancy and Adlai ride the Fair Oaks tour
bus to go see two calves being born

Even though they didn't find any mushrooms, they
were still able to experience some of the farm life!

Mitchell and Adlai take time out at the dairy
to pose for a picture on the cow statue

Gracie Pearson explains to Adlai and Mitchell
why the cattle have to have shots just like they do

A Long Winter

Well...if you remember back to February 2, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter. He only missed it by about six weeks. We had cold weather throughout February, March and much of April. It
was even snowing during the Easter Egg Hunt! That didn't stop Mitchell.

There were plenty of chances to
throw snowballs those chilly weeks!

The poor frog decoration on the back porch
has been buried a few times this year

Mitchell checks the new February
snowflakes for ripeness

We know this has nothing to do with winter... we just
realized there are very few pictures of us on here!

Mitchell's 5th Birthday

Yes, our little guy is not so little anymore. Mitchell's birthday came a week after New Year's, and he was very excited to be turning FIVE. Instead of a cake, he wanted a giant chocolate chip cookie this year. And, he wanted it for breakfast! We spent the afternoon at the Buccaneer Bay indoor water park. Then it was back home for some presents!

Mitchell blows out the candles on his birthday
cookie...first thing in the morning!

You just have to love a good water slide
when the weather outside is cold and rainy

Buccaneer Bay indoor water park is one of
the best-kept secrets in Lafayette

Mitchell wanted some of the new Cars
characters that were released

Santa Arrives On Time

Ahh...Christmas Day! What fun! Amazingly, we didn't wake up until nearly 8:30. Mitchell came out to find presents under the tree, white bootprints on the carpet, and a note from Santa thanking him for the cookies. Mitchell decided
that Santa has so many places to visit, he doesn't have time to stop and clean up any bootprints that he may leave.

Mitchell points out two of the mysterious "bootprints"
that were left on the carpet overnight

It's always exciting to see what kind
of surprises Santa left in the stocking!

This is the life...a new recliner chair, a bowl of
popcorn, and a new Ratatouille video!

Our neighbors Doug and Jan joined us for Christmas dinner and shared about their recent trip to Europe