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(November 2007 - February 2007) More Latest & Greatest

Thanksgiving In Boston

We spent a week in Boston! We flew out the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Our friends the Gaudette's came to visit us at the hotel that evening. On Wednesday, we met up at the "Pru" with Robin's mother Dolly from Florida and Robin's brother Jay and his family from California, and took one of the the famous Duck Boat Tours. It was awesome! Thursday morning was the annual football game in Hudson, MA, where Robin and her brother Jack were recognized at halftime. Thursday afternoon was Thanksgiving dinner with Dolly and her kids and grandchildren. Friday Robin and her brother Jack were formally inducted into the Hudson High School Athletic Hall of Fame. Saturday was the big Murphy Family Reunion. Sunday we visited Robin's friends Anne and Lisa. Monday, on our way to the airport, we stopped by Fenway Park for some pictures, then we went downtown and Mitchell had his first subway ride! We took shelter from the pouring rain for awhile in Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Once we arrived at the airport, we learned our flight was cancelled. Fortunately, Northwest put us up in a nearby Comfort Inn (with an indoor pool!) and we returned home on Tuesday. It was absolutely wonderful to be back in Boston again, especially to see our family and friends.

Robin gets to hug her mom Dolly Murphy for
the first time in nearly two years

Robin and her brother Jack (right) are announced
as Hall of Fame inductees at the football game


Our first Duck Boat ride with (front, left) Kendall,
Janice, Mitchell, Dolly, Jay, Madison and Robin

Mitchell takes his very first subway ride on
the "T" Monday afternoon in Boston


Halloween At The Benson's

We had a great Halloween "week" this year. Sunday we visited the Millennium Pumpkin Farm and did a hayride, pony ride, and barrel ride. After that Mitchell attended the Trunk-Or-Treat hosted by the Redeemer Lutheran Church on the corner. (He and Robin were even quoted in the local paper!) Monday we carved pumpkins. Wednesday Mitchell's preschool had a Halloween party and a parade around the block. Gracie spent the day with us and joined the parade. Halloween night was Trick-Or-Treating with neighbors Henry, Lily, Seth and Danny. It was spooktacular!

Mitchell prepares to embark on a mission
to fill his pumpkin with treats!

This man is serious when it comes to pony riding

Miss Gracie Pearson visited with us during the
day and attended Mitchell's preschool parade

We were honored to have Josiah and Karis Schmidt
from next door be our first trick-or-treaters!



The Indiana State Fair

Believe it or not, we've been in Indiana for five years and had never attended the State Fair. We fixed that in August with a trip to Indianapolis. We checked out the new and antique farm machinery, visited some of the 4-H animals, bought candy at the Hook's Museum, and of course, took in some of the rides in the midway. We had an awesome day!

Mitchell relaxes in the wheel of the biggest
John Deere combine we have ever seen

Of course, what would a visit to the fair be without
some dazzling rides and great funhouses!


Robin and Mitchell enjoy a lollipop and a bag of
popcorn from the Hook's Drugs Museum & Fountain

Mitchell does his version of the weather on the
"green screen" TV set sponsored by WISH


Fourth of July

With the Fourth of July falling on a Wednesday this year, our celebration lasted for four days! On Sunday, our neigh- bors put on a fireworks show behind the church. Monday evening we had sparklers. Tuesday evening we had our own fireworks show in the backyard. And Wednesday we went to the concert and fireworks at Purdue's Slayter Hill.

Mitchell and Josiah Schmidt played next door
while waiting for Josiah's dad's fireworks

During the day of the Fourth, we rode our
bikes down to one of the parks at Purdue


Mitchell coordinated our little fireworks
show in the backyard on Tuesday evening

We enjoyed the orchestra on Slayter Hill. They played
Mitchell's favorite -- "The Stars and Stripes Forever"!



The Warren County 4-H Fair

In June we picked up Mitchell from school and headed straight down to Williamsport in Warren County to attend the
annual 4-H Fair. It was bracelet night -- all rides as many times as you want for one price! We went on all kinds of
rides...but Mitchell decided he liked the "funhouses" best. Gracie Pearson also joined us for some rides and games.

Mitchell turned out to be a real pro
at the bumper cars! Are go-carts next?

Gracie and Mitchell checked out the midway games
the same way they usually walk -- holding hands

Mitchell took the controls on the helicopter
while another little boy held on for dear life

Mommy and Daddy really enjoyed the ferris
wheel... but Mitchell thought it was a little tame



Purdue Springfest/Grand Prix 2007

In April we had two fun weekends in a row down the street at Purdue. The first was Springfest, which features the "Bug Bowl", where the Entomology department shows off giant cockroaches, tarantulas, and other fun creatures. The second was the Purdue Grand Prix go-cart race. This year Liz Lehman became the first woman to win the race.

Mitchell petted some of the caterpillars,
cockroaches and tarantulas at the Bug Bowl

Prior to the Grand Prix race, three parachutists
landed in the infield with U.S., Indiana, and Purdue flags

The Animal Science department had a
pony ride, which Mitchell loved!

We love the sound of the race! This year's winner
was Liz Lehman, #7 in this picture



The Blizzard of '07

We made it all the way through Christmas and New Year's with very little snow. We thought we were out of the woods when February came and dumped 18 inches on us! West Lafayette streets were impassable for a couple of days. We had to use the neighbor's snow blower to get out of the driveway. And Mitchell loved every second of it!

Robin and Mitchell tried to make a snowman,
but the snow was just too light and fluffy!


Mitchell had waited since Christmas of 2005
for a chance to ride his new sled on snow!


Robin proudly showed off her
snow-removal skills

The weight of the snow brought down
the metal roof over the back porch