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(January 2007 - October 2006)
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Mitchell's Fourth Birthday

We had a very nice little gathering for Mitchell's fourth birthday in January. Only good nutritional food was served -- Pizza King pizza, cake, and ice cream! And, he did what has become his annual birthday ritual...the official "smearing of the birthday cake icing" all over his face! (See more here.)

Another birthday...another face full of icing.
All that was different this year was more colors!

Josiah Schmidt from next door checks
out some of the Cars characters


Robin and Mitchell get ready to light
the candles so we can sing "Happy Birthday"!

Lily Huber, Mitchell, and Cameron Moore
pop up from behind the couch for a picture



Christmas At The Benson's

Santa apparently showed up right on time Christmas Eve. He ate the cookies, took the carrots for the reindeer, and left the one thing that Mitchell has asked for all year -- a Thomas Tank Engine Train Table! It was great to see Mitchell open each present and say "Thank you! Merry Christmas!" Mommy and Daddy were just happy to have some coffee.

Mitchell poses with his new train table. How did
Santa get that down the chimney???

Mitchell and Robin take a quick break
from playing to sit down for a picture


Mater is Mitchell's favorite "Cars" character. Cousins
David and Sarah Hail sent a BIG Mater from Georgia.

Our next-door neighbors Doug Winslow and Jan
Myers joined us for our Christmas day dinner


Fun at the Museum!

We spent a recent Saturday in Indianapolis at the Children's Museum. It is known as one of the best children's museums in the country. There are so many things to do! Mitchell, Mommy and Daddy all went down the big Christmas slide together. We spent a great deal of time in the Dinosphere exhibit waiting for the shooting star to cross the sky.

Mitchell practices so that one day
he can be a real Indy car driver


Mitchell shows everyone that he (thinks he)
knows how to fly a real jet plane


Robin and Mitchell do some fishing
in the Playscape area

Mitchell's Uncle Ted created the spectacular special
sound effects program for the museum's Steam Engine


Thanksgiving at Auntie C. and Uncle Big Bill's

We took a few extra days off and drove to Wytheville, Virginia for a long Thanksgiving holiday to see "Auntie C." and "Uncle Big Bill". We stayed at a hotel with a pool on the way down and back. On Friday we drove down to Kernersville, North Carolina to visit with Jonathan and Glenda Head and family. While at the Hail's, Bill even took Allen out to golf!

Mitchell much preferred the "bubble pool"
to the regular pool at the hotel


Mitchell tells Glenda and Kathryn Head
another one of his "Guess what!" stories


We spent lots of time visiting in the kitchen


Carolyn and Bill fixed an awesome
Thanksgiving dinner!


We helped Bill put up their two Christmas deer,
which Mitchell named "Mitchell and Gracie".
Here Bill gets Gracie to finally stand on her own


There is a beautiful pond near their home with
many hungry ducks who appreciate free bread


Happy Halloween!

We had a great time this year during the "Halloween Season". Mitchell attended many different gatherings, usually dressed in his new "Thomas Tank Engine" costume. Halloween night he and Robin went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood while Daddy stayed home to answer the door for all the little visitors.


Mitchell is ready to go trick-or-treating
with his costume, flashlight and treat carrier!

The goody bag was filled with all kinds of cool stuff...
like fake teeth! (Always good for a laugh, right?)


Allen did his best to carve a Thomas Tank Engine.
(See more pumpkin carving here.)

Robin and Mitchell attended a party at
Mitchell's day-care facility