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Mitchell's Sixth Birthday

Mitchell turned six in January. His actual birthday was during the week, so we had our own celebration at home with a big birthday cookie. Mitchell was extremely excited over receiving a new Giant Microbe! The following Saturday we had a pool party at the Faith Community Center. We played in the pool for awhile, and then we had ice cream, cake, and games in one of the activity rooms. Mitchell's buddies all came out in the lousy weather to have some fun!

Besides the new "Mange" Giant Microbe, Mitchell
received two new WALL-E movie robots

Nothing says "birthday party" like a good game of
"Pin the Sunglasses on the Weather Frog"


Mitchell bombs Daddy in the pool with
one of the water cannons

With his buddies looking on, the birthday boy
takes care of those burning candles


Christmas at the Benson's

It's the biggest day of the year at the Benson's, and this year was better than ever! We spent Christmas Eve going to the Children's Museum and then candlelight service at church. Santa brought a couple of new Giant Microbes and some new WALL-E robots. And on Saturday we saw cousin Suzi and family at Al's brother Ted's home in Plainfield.

Mitchell and Daddy do the Christmas Slide
at the Indianapolis Children's Museum

How we were ever able to get everyone in
front of the tree for a picture, we'll never know

Uncle "Big Bill" Hail sent this cool voice-
changer. Now Mitchell sounds like a robot!

Mitchell and his cousin Sam become quite
the jokesters when they get together


Winter Fun

What better way to spend the time leading up to Christmas than to play in some snow? We recently had just enough snow to roll some big snowballs. And while we're on the subject of snow, Mitchell's Uncle Kevin and Aunt Debbie Murphy sent a great gift. Two musical snow people who sing a catchy song about all of the treats that they want to eat. Of course we have all been catching ourselves singing that song lately.

This guy absolutely loves the snow. He would
spend hours outside if we allowed him to.

We found a YouTube video of these guys. Be
careful -- you'll start singing it to yourself!

This is our neighbors' son Micah Schmidt.
Mitchell thinks he is a really cool guy.

After visiting Santa, we had to stop by the
mall mini-rides for old times' sake


Trick Or Treat Time!

There's no question -- we sure enjoy the month of October at The Benson's! We put up the Hallowe'en decorations, go out to the Millennium Farms Pumpkin Patch to get our pumpkins, and try to do some interesting pumpkin carving. The past couple of years we have attended the "Trunk-Or-Treat" event at the Redeemer Lutheran Church on the corner. And of course, last but not least, Mitchell and his neighborhood friends all get together to trick-or-treat on Hallowe'en night.

Mitchell tries to scare some of the
"trunkers" into giving him some treats

Mitchell shows off this year's pumpkin carvings...
a "Scooby Doo" and a "Hoot Owl"


Robin was minding her own business, passing out
treats from the trunk, when this alien appeared!

The trick-or-treat gang (Henry Jacobsen, Lily
Huber and Mitchell) encounter a flying ghost!



Fun In The Fall

Fall is here and we have had mostly very warm weather. And, with Fall, comes the Potawatomi Indian Festival in Attica (with the parade!), the Feast of the Hunters' Moon at Fort Ouiatenon near West Lafayette (with The Amazing Budabi Brothers juggling act!), and of course, one or two trips out to the Millennium Farms Pumpkin Patch near Oxford (with a bouncy castle, pony ride, barrel ride and hay ride!) Next up is one of Mitchell's favorites...Halloween!

This John Deere 720 in the parade is almost identical
to the one that Allen drove when he was a kid!

Mitchell is ready to start cutting soy beans in
Wilbur and Greg Pearson's massive combine

Mitchell and Gracie get a photo op with
Nick Langseth of The Amazing Budabi Brothers!

Mitchell and Gracie enjoy a pony ride at
Millennium Farms Pumpkin Patch Saturday



So Long, Summer

Summer has officially ended, even though the weather is still nice and warm. We had great fun this year, going to the pools, playing in the Purdue fountains, and going to the parks. We got in one last visit to Tropicanoe Cove on Sunday of Labor Day, and visited Dispennett's Orchard on Monday. Mitchell has started kindergarten and is now trying to decide what to wear for Halloween! And it's really hard to realize that Christmas is only three months away!

Mitchell spent a large portion of our last visit to
Tropicanoe Cove in the sand area

The church down the street had a carnival and
Mitchell decided to try some face-painting

It is always fun to take a trip to Dispennett's Apple Orchard. There's more to see than just apples!

We discovered the the tree near the garage
has a perfect little "seat" for a bird's-eye view



Fourth Of July Celebration

Beginning with some "warm-up fireworks" in the backyard Thursday night, the holiday weekend was filled with great fun. The parade Friday morning was a great success for the neighborhood. We spent that afternoon at the home of friends Mike and Robin Max, and then took in the Purdue fireworks that night. Neighbor Toby Schmidt held his annual fireworks party Saturday night, and then Al and Mitch had their first real outdoor a tent, in the backyard.

The Wabash Shores Parade makes its
way down Indian Trail Drive Friday morning


Allen's life-long friend Mike Max instructs
Mitchell on how to make a good toss


Most of the kids were still around after
refreshments to pose with the fire truck

Mitchell and Allen settle in late Saturday night
with popcorn and Bugs Bunny videos in the tent