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Between October 15th and the 25th in 2001 Robin and Allen visited Italy. The trip was either a belated honeymoon or a one-year anniversary trip...they never really decided which one for sure.

They flew to Florence (Firenza on the map) and also took a one-day driving trip to Siena. They then took a train from Florence to Venice (Venezia). After three nights in Venice, they rented a car and drove west and then north to Bellagio on Lake Como. Finally, they drove south to the Italian Riviera near Genova to a coastal village named Camoglia for two nights before flying out of Genova.

Click on the towns listed in red for a pictorial tour!

Also, the dark photos inside the Duomo in Florence are due to restrictions on flash photography.

What did we listen to while touring around Italy?

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  Venezia (Venice) Bellagio (Lake Como) Camoglia Firenza (Florence) Siena