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Before Blue Trick... before Peabody's Daughter... before Born Again Blonde, Daddy Lockup, Sleeping Booty or even Solid State...there was iNDiViDuaLLY TWiSTeD. The band was formed in Raleigh, North Carolina in early 1996, emerging out of jam sessions consisting of three friends -- Susan Griffin, Jeanne Evans and Allen Benson.

As the story goes, they were attempting to play the Pretenders song "Talk Of The Town," when they discovered that there was a keyboard note (D, actually) in the song that was not being played. Classical pianist Charlene Benson sat in to play the "D", and became an instant member of the band. Soon after that, through connections with friends, the members were introduced to Dan Givin, a professional guitarist and sometimes Unix testing software programmer. Dan was asked to join the band.

The five members decided on the name "iNDiViDuaLLY TWiSTeD" one night after practice while munching on pretzels. (It was printed on the bag.) Other names considered were Suspicious Foods, Florence Bush, and Gang Shower.

iNDiViDuaLLY TWiSTeD played its first official public gig in March of 1996 at friend Roger Striffler's annual "Loki's Birthday Party," which also happened to fall on St. Patrick's Day. They were highly encouraged by the positive remarks made at the party by friends, including the now famous words, "Gee, you guys are better than I thought you would be."

Following that, they began playing at various public events like weddings (including lead singer Jeanne Evans and part-time band roadie Austin Maher's wedding reception, where Jeanne performed in her wedding dress), parties and at clubs. Sometimes they were even asked to play at these places.

Many of their appearances were outdoors, and they soon gained the reputation as "the band you hire if you need it to rain." A dedicated following of friends and fans began to form. The songlist began with tunes from the early '80s, but soon expanded to included older classics from bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and artists like Aretha Franklin, to newer material from artists such as Sheryl Crow and Garbage. Since many of the members could play different instruments and all sang, they would often play different sets with different configurations.

They were honored to be hired in 1997 to play the IBM party at the OOPSLA convention in Atlanta. In 1998 they were hired by OTI (an IBM company) to travel to the Mont Tremblant ski resort north of Montreal to play at their conference. Both were considered major successes.

The group disbanded in late 1998, as personal lives began to require more time than could be dedicated to the band. They regrouped in April of 1999 for a going-away party for drummer Allen Benson, shortly before he moved to Boston. The members occasionally get on stage when they all happen to be in the same location...usually to perform their signature song "Love Shack."

This is a pictorial tribute to the band and the friends and loved ones who supported them while they were together.