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Featured Artist: Pat Camillo
On our visit to Saugatuck, Michigan for our second anniversary we stopped in at the home of Pat Camillo. Pat is one of the artists that lives and works in Saugatuck. Her gallery/home is just on the outskirts of of the first sites you see on the way into town.

Besides being an incredibly talented artist, Pat is an extremely personable individual who welcomes all into her gallery and gladly gives individual attention to each visitor. The day we visited her gallery Pat was working on a watercolor of her specialties. Soon into the visit she described her discovery of the effect of light on pastel works, and promptly provided us with a demonstration with one of her most famous works, "Saugatuck Sunset". After placing the work on the easel, she slowly turned down the lights and demonstrated how the sun began to glow brighter as the light in the room grew dimmer. It was awesome!

If you ever venture to Saugatuck, make sure to stop in at Pat's gallery, located at 450 Culver Street. She has a beautiful array of pastel and watercolor works. You can also visit Pat's web site at Her best works are available as prints and can be ordered by phone. Ordering information is supplied on the website.