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See more of Ted's work here.
Featured Artist: Ted Benson  

My brother, Ted Benson, has been an artist since he was very young. He started out with drawings and sketches, then over the years developed a strong talent for graphic arts...particularly in the manipulation of images to create new, unique pictures. Much of his work has been done as promotional material for the various bands in which he has played. A few years ago he discovered Adobe PhotoShop, and hasn't stopped since. He also alters pictures for fun and relaxation, and to torment me, his little brother.

I have included here a few examples of his work. The Fishheads poster is one that he did for his band (obviously known as "The Fisheads") along with the Ed Sullivan photo. The creek, tractor, and mower pictures are based on pictures that I innocently sent him of our latest visit to Indiana.