During the year of 2003 Robin, Mitchell and Allen embarked on a tremendous tour that took Mitchell through ten states in his first eight months. He visited with his grandmother in Florida, aunt and uncle in Hilton Head South Carolina, friends and relatives in Massachusetts, saw where his Daddy worked in Minneapolis, and visited with his Uncle Jay and family in California.

Because of his "chunky" size at the time, we nicknamed him the "Chunkatolla". Hence, we named his collection of trips the "Chunkapalooza Tour".

Here is the complete tour pictorial, with commentary from Mitchell. All we can say is...the guy gets around.

Chunkapalooza Part 1 - Florida, South Carolina and Boston

Chunkapalooza Part 2 - California, Florida and South Carolina

Chunkapalooza Part 3 - Minneapolis

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Here's a classic photo from the trip to Minneapolis... Mitchell encounters the now famous
"Little Blonde-Haired Girl".