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We started this website in July 2001 when it was just Robin and me living in Winchester, Massachusetts. I kept it (mostly) updated until February 2009, when it simply became easier to post pictures and updates on Facebook than to maintain an html-based site. We did not shut the site down, however, because there is just too much good stuff on here. So, we are now officially declaring it an "archive", which simply means that we are going to leave it as is, while trying to point out some of its more interesting aspects. We hope that you enjoy it, and hopefully get to know us a little better!

Here are some of the more popular pages and links on the site. For a complete listing, see the Site Map.
The Famous 10 Little Monkeys Video
The 2003 Chunkapalooza Tour
Murphy Reunion Archive
A Tribute to Peggy Benson
A Tribute to Dave Benson
A Few of Ted's Best Photos
Our Background Stories
Our Wedding Ceremony
Our Trip to Italy
First Version of Website from 2001
The Icing Man Photos
The Larry King Picture
The Wheaties Box
The Easy Rider '07 Movie Trailer
Mitchell Stopped By L.A. Cops
Extreme Pumpkin Carving!
Music You Never Heard But Should Have
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Best of Al Benson
Allen's Concert Ticket Collection

iNDiViDuaLLY TWiSTeD Band Site

Sports Corner Archive

One of the most favorite of the features on our website was "Sports Corner with Mitchell Benson". The sports column was written in the "voice" of Mitchell -- starting back before he could even talk. We began to save each column when it was updated, so we have about sixty columns dating back to August 2006. Mitchell tackled all the big issues in sports, with an obvious bias toward the Red Sox, Patriots, and the Purdue Boilermakers. Mitchell's uncle Ted Benson designed the Sports Corner photo (left), updating it over the years with the latest school pictures. We have designed a special page so that each column can be read: Sports Corner Archive Page

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